Viewpoint and Blue Parachute Were Made for Each Other

The Los Angeles city skyline at night with the Blue Parachute green and blue logo on the top and the all-white-text logo for Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid underneath it.

Viewpoint and Blue Parachute Were Made for Each Other Many people are familiar with a Starbucks hidden camera prank that Dennis Quaid participated in years ago. Under the direction of Ellen Degeneres, he walks into the coffee shop and loudly announces, “Dennis Quaid is here!” However, not all of Dennis Quaid’s entrances are quite as […]

Gifts for Kids With Autism

A pile of gifts wrapped in blue boxes and tied with pink ribbons indicates this article discusses gifts for kids with autism.

Gifts for Kids With Autism Choosing gifts for children with autism involves selecting items that cater to their unique sensory needs, interests, and developmental levels. Ideal toys for children on the autism spectrum often offer sensory stimulation, encourage skill-building, and provide hours of fun. When selecting toys and gifts for kids with autism, consider the […]

Effective Autism Teaching Strategies

A female teacher who is about 25 years old and wearing glasses is showing a young child, who is sitting across the table from her, a hand-drawn picture of a house with people next to the house and the sun in the sky. This exemplifies how she is using effective autism teaching strategies.

Effective Autism Teaching Strategies from Blue Parachute Supporting Students on the Spectrum Instructing children with ASD requires patience, understanding, and effective autism teaching strategies tailored to their unique needs. Here, we look at various autism teaching methods and tools. This will help educators, parents, and communities as they are teaching children with autism spectrum disorder […]

Tips to Help Your Child With Autism and Reading

Five children are sitting on school chairs and holding books in front of their faces. This image implies that the article is about Autism and Reading Tips to Help Your Child.

Tips to Help Your Child With Autism and Reading  At Blue Parachute, we understand the importance of supporting those on the autism spectrum in their literacy journeys. If you are thinking about tips to help your child with autism and reading, you’ve come to the right place. Reading can be a valuable skill for children […]

Gifts for Adults With Autism: What to Get Your Loved One

A picture of two boxes, each wrapped in brown paper and each with a different shade of blue ribbon and bow tied across it. This implies the article is about gifts for adults with autism.

Gifts for Adults With Autism: What to Get Your Loved One When selecting gifts for adults with autism, you’ll find it’s similar to purchasing gifts for those who identify as neurotypical. On top of considering the person’s unique interests, it’s also essential to keep their preferences and sensory sensitivities in mind. While some individuals may […]

Autism Patience

A puzzle piece with the word "patience" written across it is being placed into a puzzle. This helps indicate that this blog is about autism patience.

Autism Patience When it comes to autism, patience is crucial for several reasons. People with autism may process information differently or struggle with specific tasks due to sensory sensitivities, communication challenges, or rigid thinking patterns. Patience allows them the time and space needed to navigate these challenges and develop their skills at their own pace. […]

Getting a New Autism Diagnosis – Finding Help and Support

Getting a new autism diagnosis can be difficult. You need 6 things - help, support, service, assistance, guidance, and advice. The image is a sign post with each of these 6 items pointing, indicating that Blue Parachute can help.

Getting a New Autism Diagnosis – Finding Help and Support At Blue Parachute, we know that everyone’s journey is different. Some individuals will begin exhibiting signs to their parents, pediatricians, and other individuals that immediately indicate they might have autism spectrum disorder (ASD). For others, realizing that a person you care for is on the […]

Snacks for an Autistic Child

A man, woman, and their child are leaning on a kitchen counter as the child feeds the man. This implies that they are thinking about snack for an autistic child.

Snacks for an Autistic Child Navigating the world of snacks can be a delightful adventure for any child. For parents of autistic children, it often comes with unique considerations and challenges. From sensory sensitivities to dietary restrictions, finding the right snacks that meet both the nutritional needs and the sensory preferences can be a journey […]

Celebrate Neurodiversity

The word neurodiversity is spelled out with different colored magnets. Surrounding the word are different brains - one is purple, one is orange, one is red, one is multicolored, and there are others. These brains indicate that people are different or neurodiverse. They can be neurotypical. For those who aren't, we should celebrate neurodiversity.

Celebrate Neurodiversity – The Diversity of Neurological Differences Neurodiversity is a concept that recognizes and celebrates the diversity of neurological differences in the human population. It emphasizes the idea that neurological variations, including conditions like autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and others, are natural and should be accepted and respected as part of human diversity. Instead of […]

Sign Language for Autism

An adult male is sitting on the floor with a male toddler, and the two are communicating with signs. This helps illustrate sign language for autism.

Sign Language for Autism Autism and sign language can intertwine in several ways, often serving as a valuable tool for communication and expression for individuals on the autism spectrum. There are many ways that sign language for autism can be used. At Blue Parachute, we understand that sign language is a beneficial tool. When it […]