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Gifts for Kids With Autism

Choosing gifts for children with autism involves selecting items that cater to their unique sensory needs, interests, and developmental levels. Ideal toys for children on the autism spectrum often offer sensory stimulation, encourage skill-building, and provide hours of fun. When selecting toys and gifts for kids with autism, consider the child’s needs and preferences. Playing with the child can also be a meaningful way to enhance learning and social interaction. 

Whether you heard about Blue Parachute from the Viewpoint Project with Dennis Quaid, from your friends, or via an online search, we want you to know we are here to help. We provide assistance to those affected by autism spectrum disorder by offering videos that teach learning, communication, and other essential skills. We understand that choosing a present for someone can be difficult. When you must consider the additional needs of the person you are looking for, gift-giving can be even more complex. 

What Kind of Toys Do Autistic Children Like?

Autistic children often gravitate towards toys that not only entertain but also cater to their developmental, sensory, and educational needs. The appeal of these toys lies in their ability to mesh fun with functionality, offering autistic children avenues to explore their interests, develop new skills, and engage their senses in comfortable ways.

Toys for autistic children are cherished not solely because they provide educational enrichment but because they resonate with the children’s preferences, offering a blend of fun, comfort, and skill development. They are selected to enhance the child’s quality of life by supporting their development in a way that aligns with their unique needs and interests. The ultimate goal is to find toys that autistic children will benefit from, truly enjoy, and engage with, thereby supporting their growth and development in multiple domains.

What Can I Get My Child With Autism?

Selecting a gift for your child with autism involves considering their individual interests, unique sensory preferences, and developmental needs. It’s essential to consider what your child enjoys and what can help them grow and feel comfortable. Engaging with your child in activities they love can also be a great way to strengthen your bond and support their development.

Many ideal gifts often offer sensory stimulation, encourage skill-building, and provide a lot of fun.

Ideas of Gifts for Kids With Autism

Whether you are looking to provide a fun or educational present, many gifts for kids with autism that someone with ASD might enjoy.

Below, we have listed some thoughtful gift ideas.

Comfort and Calming Tools

A large sensory pillow or a weighted blanket can offer comfort and sensory regulation for children who experience sensory processing challenges. They provide a sense of security and can be very soothing.

Creative, Imaginative, and Tactile Toys

Art supplies, such as alcohol-based art markers or skin-tone marker sets, can be appreciated by a child who enjoys drawing and painting. These allow for creative expression and can be very therapeutic.

DIY Sock Puppets encourage creativity, fine motor skill development, and self-expression. They provide a platform for children to express their feelings and communicate through a third party, aiding in developing essential muscle groups needed for daily tasks.

LEGO blocks are universally adored by children, including those with autism, for their endless possibilities in fostering creativity, imagination, and developmental skills like fine motor skills and spatial awareness. The structured nature of LEGO allows children to systematically build while encouraging creative expression. They also offer a fun way for your child to engage in solo or family playtime, creating whatever comes to their imagination.

Developmental Toys, Games, and Puzzles

Developmental toys are specifically designed to support learning in an interactive and fun way and to make learning an enjoyable experience. Toys like social skills board games are popular because they combine fun with developing crucial life skills such as fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and social interaction skills. 

These games offer structured yet enjoyable ways for children to practice real-world social scenarios and develop cognitive abilities through play. They’re educational and fun, allowing your child to learn and play simultaneously.

Fidget Toys

Highly recommended for children with autism, fidget toys can help them relax, concentrate, and filter out extraneous sensory stimuli. They are beneficial in educational settings to enhance focus by giving children something to do with their hands, thus directing excess energy productively.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

For children sensitive to noise, noise-canceling headphones can help create a quieter environment. Headphones are great for listening to calming music, audiobooks, or when your child needs a calm space. They can also be used to create white noise or otherwise tailor the auditory environment to their needs.

Sensory Books and Items for Motor Skills Enhancement

Many books help children understand their condition and foster empathy in others. They offer insight into living with autism, emphasizing that children with autism are lovable and integral family members.

Sensory toys, including water beads, squishy toys, or liquid bubble timers, stimulate the senses while promoting fine and gross motor skills. They provide a tactile or visual experience that can be calming and engaging for children with sensory processing sensitivities. In addition, these are great for children who benefit from tactile stimulation.

Toys to Build Social Skills and Interpersonal Understanding

Dollhouses offer a unique opportunity for children to develop social skills and understand interpersonal relationships through role-play. This type of play can help children rehearse and understand daily routines, household expectations, and social interactions in a controlled, stress-free environment.

Technology-Based Gifts

A tablet loaded with educational apps or a drawing tablet for older children interested in digital art can be entertaining and educational. They offer endless possibilities for learning and creative exploration.

Gift Ideas for Teenagers With Autism

Finding the perfect gift for a teenager with autism can be a rewarding experience that fosters their interests, caters to their sensory preferences, and encourages development. Here are various gift ideas tailored to teenagers with autism, highlighting why these types of gifts are beneficial:

  • Artistic Expression Tools: For the budding artist, a digital canvas for unlimited creative exploration allows for vibrant art creation with complete control.
  • Comforting Gifts: Large sensory pillows provide gentle sensory stimulation with soothing textures, perfect for relaxation and comfort at home or on the go.
  • Creative and Engaging Puzzles and Games: Puzzle games that combine lights and sounds with the challenge of a 3-D maze can be appealing to problem-solving skills and sensory engagement.
  • Entertainment and Hobbies: Video games, like those available on the Nintendo Switch, provide an immersive escape and can be particularly appealing. Art supplies, musical instruments, and photography gear can also support hobbies and interests, fostering a sense of achievement and self-expression.
  • Gifts Promoting Independence and Practicality: Gift cards, such as Visa cards, allow teenagers to practice independence, budgeting, and spending in real-world scenarios.
  • Sensory Gifts: Sensory toys are invaluable. They relieve stress in overstimulating situations, offer endless fun, and cater to sensory needs.

These gifts offer something unique for teenagers with autism, from sensory regulation and creative expression to fostering independence and engaging in enjoyable leisure activities. The key is to match the gift with the individual’s interests, sensory preferences, and developmental level, ensuring it’s something that they will find both enjoyable and beneficial.

Give the Gift of Blue Parachute Videos

At Blue Parachute, we understand that every person, whether neurotypical or neurodivergent, is unique. Due to this, there are various gifts for kids with autism, and even for teenagers and adults on the autism spectrum. That does not mean there aren’t some items you might not have thought of when looking for the perfect gift. Items such as the helpful videos we have available.

Our library of videos acts as an autism resource, helping parents, instructors, caregivers, and others to teach and learn with those on the autism spectrum. Written by Licensed and Certified Behavior Therapists using Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy, our videos are available with subscription pricing to ensure they are affordable to everyone.

If you are interested in utilizing our array of helpful videos, you can view our pricing or even sign up for our free trial. But what if you have additional questions? Read our Frequently Asked Questions page or email us at support@TheBlueParachute.com

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