autism and communication difficulties

Autism and Communication Difficulties:
Strategies and Goals

Communication is a fundamental part of human interaction, but for individuals with autism, communication can be challenging. We offer autism home support services via our range of videos based on ABA therapy to help when there are autism and communication difficulties.

We understand that individuals with autism want to improve their communication skills. That’s why our videos cover various aspects of communication, including non-verbal communication, communication goals, sign language, and more. On top of that, all of our videos were created by Licensed and Certified Behavior Therapists.

Continue reading below to learn more about autism and communication and how our videos can help.

What Are the Functional Communication Goals for Autism?

At Blue Parachute, we understand the challenges faced by individuals with autism in communicating their needs and wants. Our videos are designed to help individuals with autism achieve their functional communication goals by teaching them how to use appropriate communication behaviors, initiate interactions, and make requests in a way that is clear and effective. Our strategies and goals are based on the latest research in the field of ABA therapy and have been proven to be effective in helping individuals with autism develop their communication skills.

What Are Some Autism Communication Strategies?

Effective communication strategies can play a crucial role in helping individuals with autism overcome their communication difficulties. We understand the importance of finding the right strategies to support communication goals. That’s why our videos cover a range of autism communication strategies, including using visual supports like communication boards, teaching social skills and conversation skills, using an autism communication board, and incorporating positive reinforcement to promote communication.

By using these evidence-based strategies, individuals with autism can improve their communication skills and achieve greater independence and success in their daily lives.

Videos Focused On Helping With Communication

Below are just a few of the many videos in our library for those who are experiencing autism and communication difficulties. These videos can help you communicate better with your student or child who is on the autism spectrum.

How Can You Teach Sign Language to Your Child With Autism?

Sign language can be a valuable tool for individuals with autism who have difficulty with verbal communication. Our videos provide step-by-step instructions on how to teach sign language to your child with autism, including how to introduce signs, practice them, and use them in daily routines.

How Can You Teach Your Child to Ask For Help?

Asking for help is an important communication skill that can be challenging for individuals with autism. Our videos offer strategies for teaching your child how to ask for help, such as using visual cues, breaking down the steps of asking for help, and practicing in different situations.

How Can You Teach Your Child to Respond to “Yes” or “No” Questions?

Responding to “yes” or “no” questions is a basic communication skill that can help individuals with autism interact more effectively with others. Our videos provide techniques for teaching your child how to respond to “yes” or “no” questions, such as using visual supports, modeling, and practice activities.

Get Started With Our Videos Today

The learning never ends with our videos, and we have more being added to our library regularly. Here we believe that every individual with autism deserves to communicate effectively and achieve their full potential. Your child’s journey to greater independence starts today! Click here and sign up now to take full advantage of our library of high-quality, evidence-based resources to help individuals with ASD be set up for success and reach their full potential. Blue Parachute. Easy. Affordable. Life-Changing.

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