Building Thinking Skills

Building Thinking Skills:
Learning Skills Videos for Autism

On our website, you will find evidence-based videos for building learning skills and teaching learning skills to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). We offer autism home support services via these videos, which are designed to help teachers and parents of children on the autism spectrum, as well as high-functioning adults with ASD, to improve their thinking and problem-solving abilities. We know everyone has the potential to learn and grow, regardless of their abilities or challenges. This is why this set of learning skills videos available from Blue Parachute was created by a team of Licensed and Certified Behavior Therapists for your children, your students, or adults on the spectrum who you help care for. Continue reading to learn more.

What Are Learning Skills?

Learning skills are cognitive abilities that allow individuals to acquire and process information effectively. These skills are crucial for academic success, social interaction, and daily living activities. For individuals with ASD, building thinking skills can be especially challenging, which is why we offer a range of videos to help.

An Example of Our ASD Learning Skills Videos

There are many subjects that learning skills encompass. When you have a child on the spectrum, you want to teach them as much as you can so that they can be as independent as possible. Building thinking skills, which can involve skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, decision-making, and more, are the learning skills essential for academic success, vocational success, and independent living. Our videos provide step-by-step guidance on how to develop these skills and help individuals with ASD reach their full potential.

Some of the helpful videos in our library that can help you be set up for success include the following:

  • Autism and How to Transition Successfully: Autism and transitions can be difficult for individuals with ASD. Our videos teach effective strategies for transitioning, such as using visual schedules, countdown timers, and sensory breaks. By following these strategies, individuals with ASD can learn to transition more smoothly and with less stress
  • How to Use Social Stories to Help Your Child: Social stories are a powerful tool for teaching social skills to individuals on the autism spectrum. Our videos provide step-by-step guidance on how to create and use social stories to teach specific social skills, such as taking turns, sharing, and making friends. By using social stories, individuals with ASD can learn social skills in a structured and predictable way.
  • Teaching ASD Children How to Identify Objects: Difficulty learning how to identify objects is a common challenge for individuals with ASD. Our videos provide strategies for teaching individuals with ASD to identify objects, such as using visual cues, labeling objects, and practicing object identification in different contexts. By using these strategies, individuals with ASD can improve their object identification skills and gain more independence in daily life.
  • Preventing Unwanted Behaviors With Learning Skills: Unwanted behaviors, such as aggression and self-injury, can interfere with learning and daily living activities. Our videos teach strategies for preventing unwanted behaviors, such as using positive reinforcement, teaching replacement behaviors, and addressing underlying sensory or emotional needs. By using these strategies, individuals with ASD can learn to manage their behaviors and achieve greater success in learning and daily living.

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