Learning With ASD: How Do You Identify an Object?

An image of a white puzzle with one piece missing, but a yellow puzzle piece which says "Identify" hovers over it. This implies that an object is being identified.

Learning With ASD: How Do You Identify an Object? Blue Parachute is committed to providing valuable resources for individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). One of the learning skills we focus on is how to identify objects. For those on the autism spectrum, developing the ability to identify and understand objects is fundamental to improved […]

Who Are Some Famous People With Autism?

People in dresses and suits being interviewd at an event.

Who Are Some Famous People With Autism? People with autism are often characterized by having differences from the general population in social skills and communication skills. Many will frequently present certain behaviors which may be different from what is considered normal. While some people might not act in ways expected by society, this does not […]

The Autism Stigma Today

Several Colored Letters that spell Out "Embrace Differences"

The Autism Stigma Today Like many things that separate an individual from the cultural or social norm, autism is one of those conditions that society stigmatizes to a certain extent. Autism wasn’t officially recognized by the medical community until the 1940s. Prior to this time, though no diagnoses were made, this condition was seen before […]

Types of Autism

A child drawing the autism heart.

Common Types of Autism At Blue Parachute, our goal is to help children and adults on the autism spectrum, along with their parents and teachers, to have access to online videos that can teach them various necessary skills. From learning skills to communication skills to life skills and more, there are many skills that people […]

Autism Stats to Consider

Colored handprints over blocks that spell out the word "Autism".

Autism Stats to Consider Understanding your chances of having a child with autism can be difficult to determine for soon-to-be parents. Research has been and continues to be conducted in an effort to find what the chances are of a child being on the spectrum. There are numerous autism stats to consider, which is why […]

Autism Representation in the Media

A child watching TV. The screen is blurred and is not completely visible as the child's head is in the way.

Autism Representation in the Media Autistic representation in the media is a double-edged sword. A tasteful and accurate representation of the condition can not only spread autism awareness, but such a portrayal can also instill more acceptance in the world for people living on the spectrum. A poor representation can do more harm than good […]

Autism Bullying Analyzed

A child being bullied by three other students.

Autism Bullying Analyzed The impact of bullying is not a secret. There have been many studies that look to find the psychological and emotional effects of being bullied that have had some very disturbing findings to report. The statistics and impact of bullying on students on the autism spectrum need to be known to fully […]

A Brief History of Autism

A rainbow leading to a cloud that has the word "Autism" written on it with colored letters.

A Brief History of Autism There is much for the parents of children on the autism spectrum to understand once their child has been diagnosed. When you realize your life is directly affected by audit spectrum disorder (ASA), one of the most important aspects that would be helpful to know is a brief history of […]