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Viewpoint and Blue Parachute Were Made for Each Other

Many people are familiar with a Starbucks hidden camera prank that Dennis Quaid participated in years ago. Under the direction of Ellen Degeneres, he walks into the coffee shop and loudly announces, “Dennis Quaid is here!” However, not all of Dennis Quaid’s entrances are quite as noticeable. Though some of Mr. Quaid’s work might not be as visible, the impact and value of his efforts cannot be overstated.

One such effort is Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid. For over 18 years, Dennis Quaid – actor, musician, and philanthropist – has been creating educational programming with Viewpoint. These videos, which air on Public Television, consist of short documentaries about leaders in various fields. To have a documentary about your organization created, you must receive an invitation from Viewpoint. Blue Parachute was honored to have gotten such an invitation from this innovative and assistive organization. 

Continue reading to learn more about Blue Parachute and Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid. In addition to learning about this amazing initiative, you’ll also better understand why Blue Parachute was created and how it can help you.

What Is Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid?

A creative team and Dennis Quaid formed Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid. Their partnership aimed to create three to six-minute-long documentary segments to air on Public Television. These documentaries have always aimed to educate the audience while transforming how people ingest educational content. The Viewpoint team comprises creative, pre-production, production, post-production, and distribution teams that assemble these informative videos about diverse industries. Once a documentary is created, the Viewpoint team distributes it nationwide to various Public Television stations. This enables the videos to be seen on CNBC, Fox News, and CNN stations.

Why Was Blue Parachute Invited to Participate?

In the applied behavior analysis (ABA) industry, Blue Parachute assists families and others affected by autism and other neurodevelopmental conditions. For these efforts, the company and its team of Licensed Certified Behavior Therapists (CBT) have been recognized as a leader in the industry. Not surprisingly, Viewpoint contacted them, thus enabling them to reach the community better. They want families to know how their resources can help, especially for families waiting for an ABA center appointment.

Why Is There a Wait for ABA Centers?

To understand the wait for ABA centers, one must first understand what these families are searching for. Many are waiting for a diagnosis of their loved one, whether looking for autism spectrum disorder (ASD), attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), conduct disorders, or other neurodevelopmental conditions. These families frequently rely on ABA centers to provide the insight and direction they need. After a diagnosis, the individual and their family will closely work with a CBT. This Certified Behavior Therapist will create a highly individualized plan to aid the child and their loved ones. This work helps all impacted individuals by teaching essential skills to address both immediate and future needs. 

Though this explains the result, it doesn’t explain why there can be such a long wait to begin this process. Though many factors have contributed to the wait time for receiving services from an ABA center, two components have influenced this trend. To start, the stigma associated with autism spectrum disorder, along with other neurodevelopmental and mental health conditions, has fortunately dwindled. Today, with the help of applied behavior analysis and other therapies, society is more aware that even individuals not considered neurotypical can lead happy and successful lives.

Another highly influential aspect adding to the long wait times for ABA centers is the increasing number of autism diagnoses. The National Institute of Health estimated that in 2012, approximately 1% of children were diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum. By 2021, this number rose to about 4% and is believed to continue growing.

This combination of more people seeking help and more cases being uncovered has made the demand for ABA therapy higher than its availability. Fortunately, Blue Parachute can help.

How Does Blue Parachute Help?

Blue Parachute has created a library of instructional videos to aid the people and families affected by neurodevelopmental conditions such as autism. These videos are not meant to supplant a more traditional ABA approach. However, every video was created by Licensed and Certified Behavior Therapists using applied behavior analysis. ABA is based on fundamental scientific principles of learning and behavior change. This means that various groups can benefit from these instructional videos.

The innovators at Blue Parachute understand how every family does not always have access to the same level of care due to financial reasons. Even those who are financially able to pay for treatment, depending on where they live, can face issues accessing top-level care. This is why all videos are available through subscription pricing. It makes them an easy, affordable, accessible way for parents, teachers, communities, and others, to obtain the help they need when needed.

Learn More from Blue Parachute and Viewpoint

We invite you to watch the full Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid video and learn more about what Blue Parachute can do for you.

Blue Parachute Is Here to Help 

If you and your family are navigating the complexities of autism spectrum disorder or addressing the challenges associated with another neurological condition, you’re in the right place. Blue Parachute offers clear, straightforward assistance for behavioral strategies through its library of videos.

The extensive collection of video resources simplifies the task of teaching integral life skills to individuals with ASD or other neurodevelopmental conditions. Authored and produced by a skilled team of Licensed and Certified Behavior Therapists, each video is a testament to their expertise and commitment to making a difference.

Blue Parachute is an ally in your journey to find the help your family needs. These videos help empower individuals with knowledge of positive reinforcement techniques. They also explain strategies to inspire a child with autism, reduce reliance on prompts, and much more. With each video you view, your journey will continue to prosper.

If you want to see how Blue Parachute can help your loved one and family, try it for 5 days for free. Easy. Affordable. Life-changing.