Autism and Joubert syndrome

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Autism & Joubert Syndrome – How They Relate Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by difficulties in communication and repetitive behaviors. In contrast, Joubert syndrome, which is also neurodevelopmental, is a rare genetic disorder affecting the cerebellum and brainstem, leading to motor impairments and developmental delays. Both disorders can benefit from ABA’s structured and tailored behavioral interventions, […]

Recognizing Autism – Different Ages Show Different Indicators

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Recognizing Autism – Different Ages Show Different Indicators Recognizing autism in individuals, especially children, involves understanding a spectrum of behaviors and developmental milestones that vary significantly with age. From the earliest months of a child’s life to their teenage years and beyond, the indicators of autism can change. This can make early and accurate identification […]

Autism and Clothes: Getting Dressed & Keeping Clothes On

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Autism and Clothes: Getting Dressed & Keeping Clothes On When it comes to autism and clothes, children with autism may face unique challenges related to clothing due to sensory sensitivities, difficulties with motor skills, challenges with decision-making, and preferences for routine and familiarity (the need for sameness). These challenges can affect getting dressed and the […]

Gifts for Kids With Autism

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Gifts for Kids With Autism Choosing gifts for children with autism involves selecting items that cater to their unique sensory needs, interests, and developmental levels. Ideal toys for children on the autism spectrum often offer sensory stimulation, encourage skill-building, and provide hours of fun. When selecting toys and gifts for kids with autism, consider the […]

Autism Patience

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Autism Patience When it comes to autism, patience is crucial for several reasons. People with autism may process information differently or struggle with specific tasks due to sensory sensitivities, communication challenges, or rigid thinking patterns. Patience allows them the time and space needed to navigate these challenges and develop their skills at their own pace. […]

Getting a New Autism Diagnosis – Finding Help and Support

Getting a new autism diagnosis can be difficult. You need 6 things - help, support, service, assistance, guidance, and advice. The image is a sign post with each of these 6 items pointing, indicating that Blue Parachute can help.

Getting a New Autism Diagnosis – Finding Help and Support At Blue Parachute, we know that everyone’s journey is different. Some individuals will begin exhibiting signs to their parents, pediatricians, and other individuals that immediately indicate they might have autism spectrum disorder (ASD). For others, realizing that a person you care for is on the […]

Snacks for an Autistic Child

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Snacks for an Autistic Child Navigating the world of snacks can be a delightful adventure for any child. For parents of autistic children, it often comes with unique considerations and challenges. From sensory sensitivities to dietary restrictions, finding the right snacks that meet both the nutritional needs and the sensory preferences can be a journey […]

Celebrate Neurodiversity

The word neurodiversity is spelled out with different colored magnets. Surrounding the word are different brains - one is purple, one is orange, one is red, one is multicolored, and there are others. These brains indicate that people are different or neurodiverse. They can be neurotypical. For those who aren't, we should celebrate neurodiversity.

Celebrate Neurodiversity – The Diversity of Neurological Differences Neurodiversity is a concept that recognizes and celebrates the diversity of neurological differences in the human population. It emphasizes the idea that neurological variations, including conditions like autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and others, are natural and should be accepted and respected as part of human diversity. Instead of […]

Teaching How to Eat Properly With Utensils: A Spoonful of Developmental Milestones

Teaching How to Eat Properly With Utensils

Teaching How to Eat Properly With Utensils: A Spoonful of Developmental Milestones Teaching children how to eat properly with utensils is pivotal for their holistic development and paves the way for independence. At Blue Parachute, we understand that sometimes we can use some help when teaching children on the autism spectrum life skills, such as […]

Blue Parachute – Why Is Pretend Play Important?

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Blue Parachute – Why Is Pretend Play Important? What is pretend play? Also known as imaginative play and sometimes called symbolic play, this activity plays a crucial role in the overall development of individuals, including those on the autism spectrum. It can help a child’s development, including various essential skills they will need today and […]