What If It Is Not Autism?

A father and a mother are sitting on either side of their son as they listen to a woman explaining something to them. It appears that the woman speaking is a medical professional and giving them a diagnosis of their son, but the diagnosis is something other than autism. This picture implies that this blog can help readers better understand what happens when you find out it is not ASD.

What If It Is Not Autism? It is not uncommon for individuals, particularly children, to be assessed for autism only to discover they have another neurodevelopmental disorder. This unexpected diagnosis can occur due to the overlapping symptoms of various neurodevelopmental conditions, which can sometimes lead to initial misdiagnosis. While specific statistics on how frequently this […]

Autism and Joubert syndrome

A desk with papers, a stethoscope, and a tablet on it. The tablet says in big, black, bold letters “Autism & Joubert Syndrome.” This indicates that one can learn about these two conditions from this blog.

Autism & Joubert Syndrome – How They Relate Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by difficulties in communication and repetitive behaviors. In contrast, Joubert syndrome, which is also neurodevelopmental, is a rare genetic disorder affecting the cerebellum and brainstem, leading to motor impairments and developmental delays. Both disorders can benefit from ABA’s structured and tailored behavioral interventions, […]

What to Do After an Autism Diagnosis

A male doctor with short brown hair, a mustache, and a short beard is smiling at the camera. He is showing that life can be very good after an autism diagnosis of yourself or your loved one.

What to Do After an Autism Diagnosis Though you might be wondering what to do after an autism diagnosis, you have to start at the beginning. This means before you even receive a diagnosis, there are some steps you must take. Blue Parachute is here to help you better understand what to do before and […]

Getting an Autism Diagnosis – What to Do While Waiting

An adult’s hands are on top of a table, clasped together, as if the person could be anxious. On the table is a paper that reads Autism Diagnosis. This indicates that this blog discusses getting an autism diagnosis.

Getting an Autism Diagnosis – What to Do While Waiting If you are getting an autism diagnosis for your child or for another loved one, you might be filled with questions. You also might need to wait to see a medical professional who can start you on your autism spectrum disorder (ASD) diagnosis journey. Fortunately, […]

Recognizing Autism – Different Ages Show Different Indicators

A blue background with a red heart and six wooden blocks spelling out the word autism. Each letter of the word is a different color. This indicates the article will discuss recognizing autism.

Recognizing Autism – Different Ages Show Different Indicators Recognizing autism in individuals, especially children, involves understanding a spectrum of behaviors and developmental milestones that vary significantly with age. From the earliest months of a child’s life to their teenage years and beyond, the indicators of autism can change. This can make early and accurate identification […]

Viewpoint and Blue Parachute Were Made for Each Other

The Los Angeles city skyline at night with the Blue Parachute green and blue logo on the top and the all-white-text logo for Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid underneath it.

Viewpoint and Blue Parachute Were Made for Each Other Many people are familiar with a Starbucks hidden camera prank that Dennis Quaid participated in years ago. Under the direction of Ellen Degeneres, he walks into the coffee shop and loudly announces, “Dennis Quaid is here!” However, not all of Dennis Quaid’s entrances are quite as […]

Autism and Clothes: Getting Dressed & Keeping Clothes On

A stack of blue clothes indicates that this piece is about autism and clothes.

Autism and Clothes: Getting Dressed & Keeping Clothes On When it comes to autism and clothes, children with autism may face unique challenges related to clothing due to sensory sensitivities, difficulties with motor skills, challenges with decision-making, and preferences for routine and familiarity (the need for sameness). These challenges can affect getting dressed and the […]

Gifts for Kids With Autism

A pile of gifts wrapped in blue boxes and tied with pink ribbons indicates this article discusses gifts for kids with autism.

Gifts for Kids With Autism Choosing gifts for children with autism involves selecting items that cater to their unique sensory needs, interests, and developmental levels. Ideal toys for children on the autism spectrum often offer sensory stimulation, encourage skill-building, and provide hours of fun. When selecting toys and gifts for kids with autism, consider the […]

Adaptive Bikes for Autism

A row of colorful bicycles are lined up next to each other near a sidewalk. This implies that the piece is about adaptive bikes for autism.

Adaptive Bikes for Autism Though many children learn to ride a bike between the ages of three and seven, when it comes to individuals on the autism spectrum, their timeline might be somewhat skewed. Fortunately, there are adaptive bikes for autism that can help those on the spectrum learn how to ride a bike. At […]

Effective Autism Teaching Strategies

A female teacher who is about 25 years old and wearing glasses is showing a young child, who is sitting across the table from her, a hand-drawn picture of a house with people next to the house and the sun in the sky. This exemplifies how she is using effective autism teaching strategies.

Effective Autism Teaching Strategies from Blue Parachute Supporting Students on the Spectrum Instructing children with ASD requires patience, understanding, and effective autism teaching strategies tailored to their unique needs. Here, we look at various autism teaching methods and tools. This will help educators, parents, and communities as they are teaching children with autism spectrum disorder […]