Gifts for Adults With Autism: What to Get Your Loved One

A picture of two boxes, each wrapped in brown paper and each with a different shade of blue ribbon and bow tied across it. This implies the article is about gifts for adults with autism.

Gifts for Adults With Autism: What to Get Your Loved One When selecting gifts for adults with autism, you’ll find it’s similar to purchasing gifts for those who identify as neurotypical. On top of considering the person’s unique interests, it’s also essential to keep their preferences and sensory sensitivities in mind. While some individuals may […]

How to Prepare for Adulthood

A silhouette of young adults looking at the sunset. They have their hands as if celebrating that they learned how to prepare for adulthood.

Autism: How to Prepare for Adulthood  Preparing for adulthood as an individual on the autism spectrum involves various aspects. This includes understanding autistic adult traits, making friends, developing skills for independent living, and others. Blue Parachute has an extensive video catalogue that serves as autism home support services. Continue reading below to learn more about […]

Do Autistic People Get Married?

A man putting a wedding ring onto a woman wearing a wedding dress. Their faces and lower bodies are not visible.

Do Autistic People Get Married? Relationships are a challenging aspect of life for many. If you or your child is on the autism spectrum, you may have questions. You might wonder if they want to get married or be in an intimate relationship. You might even wonder, “Do autistic people get married?” One of the […]