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Do Autistic People Get Married?

Relationships are a challenging aspect of life for many. If you or your child is on the autism spectrum, you may have questions. You might wonder if they want to get married or be in an intimate relationship. You might even wonder, “Do autistic people get married?” One of the indicators of autism is difficulty socializing and maintaining relationships, which makes getting married very difficult. 

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Our videos can help those on the spectrum as they are preparing for adulthood, including when they are ready to get married. Continue reading to find out more and to answer the question, “Do autistic people get married?”

Do Autistic Adults Get Married?

The misconception that an autistic person cannot get married comes from various images showing people with ASD who seem unable to connect with someone deeply.

Yes, autistic adults get married. It is important to understand that autism exists on a spectrum. This means no two cases of autism are entirely identical. People with a lower grade of autism will have an easier time connecting with others romantically. This can be more conducive to maintaining a marriage. Similar to how autism does not affect everyone in the same way, there will be some on the spectrum who will desire to get married and others who will not.

As explained, being on the spectrum does not mean you cannot get married or maintain a romantic relationship. The ability or desire to get married is more dependent on how high-functioning a person is or where they identify on the autism spectrum. However, if one or both individuals are on the spectrum, their marriage can possibly be slightly more complicated.

What Are the Challenges of Autism and Marriage? 

A relationship with someone on the spectrum isn’t different from any other romantic relationship. Autism and marriage come with unique challenges. For starters, communication and empathy are essential in any healthy marriage. For someone with autism, this can be more difficult. If you are now married or about to marry someone on the spectrum, remember that relationships are a marathon, not a sprint. Learning what to do and not to do might take some extra time.

Everyone on the spectrum is different. What is difficult for one person might be easier for another, and one person’s triggers can be another person’s joy. But when it comes to people with autism, some behaviors are more common than others.

Some people on the autism spectrum have an especially difficult time with sensory overload. Others are more sensitive to sounds or hesitant to touch or be touched. These are important to remember if your lifestyle involves events with flashing lights or loud noises, like nightclubs or music festivals.

How someone responds to a situation you are involved in isn’t always an indicator of their feelings for you. It could be they were triggered, or they are processing everything around them. With time and patience, especially if you are married to or in a romantic relationship with a person on the spectrum, together you can learn what works and what doesn’t.

More About Blue Parachute 

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