Subscription Pricing

FREE TRIAL – Please try the service FREE for 5 days.  Simply click on the subscription plan below, complete the payment information, and you will have 5 days to access the video library for FREE. Allowing you to see the available topics, the video content and how they can help you with your child at home!    

Monthly Subscription


$29/ Month

Limited Time Pricing

$12/ Month

Per Video


We, at Blue Parachute, are committed to helping make a positive impact with your child. 

If you are working on a specific skill, you are able to purchase a single video.  The cost of a single video is $9.

If you want to work on multiple skills, we have the monthly plan to provide access to the full video library.

The monthly plan comes with a free trial period where no charges are incurred.  The monthly plan of $12 will be charged on your renewal date every month but you are free to cancel at any time prior to your renewal without incurring any additional fees.  Furthermore,  if you feel that these lesson plans aren’t helping, reach out to our support team within the first 30 days and we will offer you a prorated refund.