Frequently Asked Questions

Click on ANY video in the library or hit the tab “GET ACCESS NOW” and simply purchase individual lessons or select a monthly subscription package from our Plans and Pricing page and begin exploring all that our library offers.

We found that parents wanted simple lesson plans for basic activities to more advanced activities that can be taught in the home environment with some direction/coaching given to the parents/caregivers. Our lesson plans cover a wide range of topics that focus on essential skills to safety skills, communication to play and social skills, with additional content preparing your child for adulthood.

Blue Parachute lesson plans are not intended to replace an evaluation, an assessment and treatment plan as prescribed by a certified or licensed professional in behavior therapy. With that said, our lesson plans, created by Board Certified Behavior Therapists, should help provide meaningful direction when a clinician is not nearby. Currently, we do not provide in-person support, but check back in the future as part of a more advanced offering.

Our library includes seventy videos and will be growing. Someone that intends on accessing multiple videos in the library and watching them several times will benefit from signing a 3 month or 6-month subscription to ensure that the videos are available 24 hours per day / 7 days per week. The cost is discounted for longer subscriptions which allows access when the timing is right for you to digest the content and practice what you have learned.

You can purchase individual videos, access to multiple videos, or one of our monthly subscription packages depending on your needs. Please view the available options on our Pricing page.

Each video has subtitles that are in English, Spanish, Arabic, Hindi and Urdu which can be turned on and off while also selecting the language of your choice. If you are seeing a language that is foreign to you or not seeing them at all,  please follow the process below.

The first step is to click on the video to enable the player controls which will show up on the bottom right corner of the video as shown in the image below.  Click on the keyboard icon which is circled below and you will be shown a list of languages. You will also have the option to turn the subtitles on and off. Please keep in mind that your selection will be saved for that particular video but will not affect other videos. This means that each video has to be set individually.


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