A child brushing their teeth.

Children With Autism Brushing Teeth:
Tips for Parents

For a parent of a child on the spectrum of autism, brushing teeth can be hard to instill into their children due to the hypersensitivity and routine attentive nature of children who are on the autism spectrum. As a result, being too relaxed about the process can lead to a child on the spectrum not brushing their teeth regularly and developing poor oral hygiene. 

This is one reason we have videos available from Blue Parachute written by Licensed and Certified Behavior Therapists. These are a form of autism home support services for children on the autism spectrum. 

We have written this blog to help parents, teachers, and others learn how they can teach and solidify the routines of an ASD child. The process of teaching any routine can be boiled down to having the proper equipment and making the routine of autistic children brushing their teeth easier for them.

Teaching a Child How to Brush Their Teeth When They’re on the Spectrum 

For children with autism, brushing their teeth can trigger hypersensitivity due to stimuli in their mouths. To some, toothbrushes and toothpaste are unpleasant and, in some cases, can even be painful. Getting the best toothpaste for children on the spectrum can be a matter of finding one with a flavor that the child likes, or best tolerates. Mint can be an intense flavor to some and can trigger a burning feeling.

When looking for a good toothbrush for your child, try to find one with softer bristles, or that is made of silicon. Unfortunately, it’s a common occurrence for children with ASD and brushing their teeth to not go hand-in-hand. The entire process is foreign to them, and they may find the experience uncomfortable. This is especially true if they are not shown proper support at home and provided with the right equipment for them. 

How to Establish the Brushing Teeth Steps for Autism?

It is crucial to establish a routine for children with autism brushing teeth. People on the spectrum find that routines align best with their special needs when learning something new. Try teaching them a song or playing one of the already-made songs for children that teaches the proper technique in a light and fun way.

This type of behavioral support is not just positive for when you’re teaching your child how to brush their teeth, but it is also a great way to teach them other functions that are seen as unnatural by them, such as using a toilet around this age. The brushing technique for autism spectrum children is not different from that of children who are not on the spectrum. It’s the process of teaching ASD children that can require a little extra attention and work.

Blue Parachute: Autism Therapy and Help

If you are the parent, guardian, or teacher of a child with autism, and you are experiencing some issues with instilling the habit of brushing their teeth, know you are not alone. The videos available from  Blue Parachute are available with subscription pricing. This ensures we have plans to meet everyone, including those who need access to a few and those who need many videos.

Each of our videos was created by Licensed and Certified Behavior Therapists using Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy techniques. That means our videos are based on studies that are known to work in helping those on the autism spectrum.

To find out more, use our online form and contact us today.


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