Sign Language for Autism

An adult male is sitting on the floor with a male toddler, and the two are communicating with signs. This helps illustrate sign language for autism.

Sign Language for Autism Autism and sign language can intertwine in several ways, often serving as a valuable tool for communication and expression for individuals on the autism spectrum. There are many ways that sign language for autism can be used. At Blue Parachute, we understand that sign language is a beneficial tool. When it […]

How to Prepare for Adulthood

A silhouette of young adults looking at the sunset. They have their hands as if celebrating that they learned how to prepare for adulthood.

Autism: How to Prepare for Adulthood  Preparing for adulthood as an individual on the autism spectrum involves various aspects. This includes understanding autistic adult traits, making friends, developing skills for independent living, and others. Blue Parachute has an extensive video catalogue that serves as autism home support services. Continue reading below to learn more about […]